Membership Benefits

Your membership in SEAOSD provides you a myriad of benefits including seminars, structural engineering information, education, and networking tools that will broaden your scope of knowledge and increase your appreciation of your chosen profession.

Since 1967 SEAOSD has served the San Diego community of structural engineers and affiliates. Your current Board of Directors thought it would be appropriate to remind all the member (and potential members) of the many benefits of being a part of SEAOSD.

You receive the SEAOSD Monthly Newsletter containing technical information, job announcements, dinner meeting information, and seminars of interest to structural engineers.

You receive a State Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) directory, containing a listing and addresses of all members of SEAOC and SEAOSD.

Your membership in SEAOSD also pays for your membership in the state-level SEAOC.

As a member of SEAOC, you benefit from the services of a professional SEAOC “Executive Director,” who, among other administrative tasks, acts on behalf of SEAOC as an unofficial legislative lobbyist in Sacramento.

You receive quarterly the SEAOC Newsletter containing information for structural engineers on a statewide basis and an update on the activities of SEAOC.

As part of your SEAOC membership, you receive the monthly national magazine “Structure,” containing articles of interest to structural engineers.

At no cost, you can order the technical publication summary of the annual SEAOC State convention.

You are entitled to discounts on all publications produced by SEAOC, such as the internationally recognized “Recommended Lateral Force Requirements and Commentary,” known as the “Blue Book,” and the recently developed “Seismic Design Manual,” which no structural engineering office should be without.

Monthly dinner meetings are provided for you with guest speakers on topics of interest to the local structural engineering community.

As a member of SEAOSD, you are also affiliated with National Council of Structural Engineering Associations, a relatively new organization attempting to pull together all state structural engineering associations to gain greater status on a national level.

Networking possibilities are always available at the many functions sponsored by SEAOSD throughout the year.

You are eligible for special room rate discounts at the annual SEAOC State convention. You receive convention information each year, and even if you do not attend the convention, you can receive a copy of the technical proceedings of the convention upon request.

Join SEAOSD today!