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A Member SE in this Association shall be: a Structural Engineer registered in the State of California. A Member SE may vote and hold office in SEAOSD Board of Directors as President, Vice President, director and committee chair or committee member within this Association and may serve as Director, Officer, Committee Chair or Committee Member for the Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC). $250.00/YEAR

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Mentorship Program

All new members of the Member SE, Member, and Associate grades will be enrolled in the Mentorship Program as a mentee, if desired, which pairs up new members with current active members to introduce them to the organization (see page 2 of the membership application for details).


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SEAOSD Committee Participation

Participation on a committee often is the most rewarding benefit of membership. Please indicate the committee(s) of which you would like to be contacted. (Indicate by checking the box of each committee of interest.):

 Business Forum
 Continuing Education
 Disaster Emergency Services
 Existing Buildings
 Golf Tournament
 Membership/Mentorship Program
 Performance Based Engineering
 Professional Certification
 Public Relations
 Seismology & Structural Standards
 Small Projects Referral List
 Student Liaison/Scholarship Program
 Sustainable Design
 Young Members' Forum