The bulk of SEAOSD activity is generated and performed by the Board and the Committees.  The committees provide technical exchange, public service, leadership, code development, and represent the true strength of our organization.  Each committee is headed by a Chair.  To join a committee, a member need only notify the Board or Committee Chair.


Recognizes outstanding achievement in structural engineering through a process of nomination, review, and balloting. 

Committee Chair: Laith Quntar
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Building Code: 

Works with engineers, industry, and regulators to review, comment on, and propose building code changes to the organizations responsible for building code regulation in California, primarily the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), the International Code Council (ICC), and the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) for state adopted and amended building codes.

Committee Chair: Steve Spence
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Business Forum: 

Provides a forum for exchange of ideas and interaction between structural engineers on issues relating to the business of structural engineering.

Committee Chair: Scott Larson
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Continuing Education:  

Provides seminars and/or short technical programs of interest to the membership. 

Committee Chair: Jenn Ciofolo
Co Chairs: Ryan Swenson, Sam Cong, Elesh Lakhani, and Paul Tominna
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Disaster Emergency Services: 

Members of the Member Organizations are trained as Volunteer Safety Assessment Engineers and are called upon in the event of a disaster.

Committee Chair: Ian Mellor
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Existing Buildings: 

Develops and reviews criteria and applications for the structural upgrade, repair, retrofit, and rehabilitation of existing buildings which are deemed hazardous.

Committee Chair: Peter Maloney
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Oversees maintenance of the Member Organization’s database and Member Information Booklet.  Introduces new members to the SEAOSD organization and all it has to offer by pairing them with an established member mentor.

Committee Chair: Steven Crook
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Together with the Executive Director, participates in reviewing and developing a legislative program for the Association.


Arranges for speakers at the Member Organization’s monthly membership meetings.

Committee Chair: Bo Jaquess
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Public Relations: 

Establishes relationships with press agencies and coordinates the Member Organization’s participation in activities to promote Structural Engineering to school children and the general public. 

Committee Chair: Jacqui Le
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Develops, updates, and maintains the Association’s publication, Recommended Lateral Force Requirements and Commentary (SEAOC Blue Book) and reviews the SEAOC Seismic Design Manuals.  Also provides seismic code change proposals to the International Building Code through the state committees. 

Committee Chair: Victor Garcia
Delegate: Jeremy Callister
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SE3 Committee: 

Improve employee engagement and career satisfaction. Raise awareness and promote dialogue around equity, diversity, and inclusion. Create surveys, provide resources and hold events to support these goals.

Committee Chair: Luvelyn Benitez
Co Chair: John Murphy
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Sustainable Design Committee: 

Develops, updates, and maintains the SEAOSD SDC Manual.  Explores special topics in sustainable design for structural engineers, and develops and disseminates educational tools for the membership. Collaborates with SEAOC to promote the role and interests of structural engineers in developing Green Building codes and guidelines.

Committee Chair: James Conley
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Student Liaison: 

Develops and coordinates the Member Organization’s Student Design Competition.

Committee Chair: Angelene Taduran
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Younger Member Forum:

Allows younger engineers to interact socially, make business contacts, and create a bridge between students and the Association. 

Committee Chair: Suong Chong
Co Chair: Christine Drummy
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