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President's Report

Hello, SEAOSD -

The last month has seen a tremendous upwelling of national protest calling for racial justice in response to the killing of George Floyd (including many others before and after him) which have elevated anew what is a very old issue for many citizens in this country, that their lives are often not valued in the same way as others by the systems and powers of our society. The protests pose a question to us, both individually and collectively, one we’re not the first generation to be called to answer: Do Black Lives Matter? Not uniquely so or at the exclusion of others, but do they matter equally? When stated as a question, the answer seems uncontroversial and obvious. Yes, Black Lives Matter. Saying so is not meant to downplay or oversimplify the complexity of the follow up, ‘What next?’, but instead is to start simple and commit to allying ourselves with those who will be working through the complex. The historical and on-going abuse directed towards people of color, including at the hands of the police, is unacceptable and untenable. Societal policies, unequal opportunities and undercurrents of discrimination, which may not rise to the level of physical violence but nonetheless seriously affect the quality of life for people of color, must end.

Where does this intersect with the Structural Engineer’s Association of San Diego?

First, I’d ask that we vocally stand in solidarity with our colleagues, association members, and industry partners who have experienced inequity themselves. Silence on our behalf is an answer all its own.

Second, I believe our work should start at home. Even though our association gathers primarily around a technical nexus, we need to seize on this moment to be self-critical, listen and improve in respect to diversity and equity going forward. Thank you to our SE3 Committee for already pressing ahead on this front. I’d also applaud San Diego for recently removing the monument to Robert E. Lee which stood in Horton Plaza for the past 100 years.

Third, and perhaps the most difficult, the question posed to us is not fundamentally ‘Do we agree or disagree with systemic racism?’ That’s too easy and can typically be handled in a short president’s message, for instance. But instead we’re being asked as an association, ‘Will we lend our platform, profession, education and privilege to help see the problem fixed?’ I believe as engineers, academics and business leaders we bear a responsibility to our community to do so.

To close, I want to thank NCSEA, SEAOC and the SEAOSD board for being proactive in their Call to Action statements. I’m looking forward to seeing our association rise to this occasion and participating with each of you in this conversation as we do so.


Casey Whitsett, S.E.
SEAOSD President
[email protected]


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SEAOSD Annoucements

Ballot Results for 2020-2021 SEAOSD Board

Past President - Casey Whitsett
President - Steve Spence
Vice President - Bo Jaquess
Treasurer - Harshda Prasad

Jonathan Deck
Aaron Taylor
Matt Wexler
Garrett Mifusd

SEAOC State Board
Steve Spence - SEAOC Executive Board of Directors
Casey Whitsett – SEAOC Executive Board of Directors

Out Going Board Members
Chad Closs - Treasurer
Aaron Pebley - Board Member
Jose Restrepo - Board Member
Steven Crook – Past President

Thank you all for your service to our organization!


Thank you to Dr. Uang for AISC 358 Presentation held on June 23, 2020. If you missed this webinar here is a link to our video on YouTube 

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SEAOSD EiSE Awards & SEAOSD CommitteeS Celebration Luncheon Webinar July 21, 2020

July 21, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Webinar (Will be done online)
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SEAOSD EiSE Awards Luncheon Webinar July 21, 2020

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2019-2020 SEAOSD Board of Directors

Casey Whitsett
[email protected]

Vice President
Steve Spence
[email protected]

Chad Closs
[email protected]

Past President
Steven Crook
[email protected]

Director 2019-2021
Jon Deck
[email protected]

Director 2019-2021
Aaron Taylor
[email protected]

Director 2018-2020
Aaron Pebley
[email protected]

Director 2018-2020
Dr. Jose Restrepo
[email protected]

Executive Administrator
Heather Caya
s[email protected]

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