SEAOSD & EERI joint webinar meeting April 21, 2020 “Designing the next generation of hospitals in high seismic regions”

April 21, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Webinar (Will be done online)
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Critical facilities such as hospitals play a vital role in the recovery process after earthquake events, should be designed to meet their target performance criteria, and remain functional after these events. Two recent projects: Basaksehir City Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey) and Loma Linda University Medical Campus (LLUMC) Replacement Hospital (Loma Linda, USA) are unique examples of implementation and compliance with seismic resiliency design criteria. Basaksehir City Hospital is the largest base isolated building in the world and consists of three towers of varying levels ranging from 15 to 18 stories and six clinic buildings of approximately 4 stories above ground. The towers and the clinics share a 5-story podium and is supported on nearly 2,000 isolators. The LLUMC hospital has two towers, adult hospital tower (16 stories) and children hospital (10 stories), with a shared 5-story podium all supported on an isolation plane with triple friction pendulum isolators and viscous dampers. A novel 3-D seismic isolation system is being considered for the LLUMC hospital to further reduce the impact on the structure and protect the critical contents from severe near-fault earthquake shaking at the site which will make it the first sprung hospital in the world. In both these projects, automation and cloud-based tools were essential in all the phases of design including analysis, design optimization, data processing and generation of construction drawings.


About Speakers

Alireza Sarebanha, PhD PE, Engineer, Arup, Los Angeles
Alireza Sarebanha is an Engineer with the Los Angeles office of Arup specializing in advanced seismic protective systems, nonlinear modeling of structures, workflow automation and experimental testing of structures.

Aysegul Gogus, PhD SE, Senior Structural Engineer, Arup, Los Angeles
Aysegul Gogus is a Structural Engineer with the Los Angeles office of Arup specializing in performance-based design, tall buildings, concrete structures, and seismic assessment and retrofit of existing buildings.

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