SEAOSD Dinner November 14, 2019 ACI 318-19: New Seismic Provisions

November 14, 2019
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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Stone Brewery Point Loma
2816 Historic Decatur Rd. #116
San Diego, CA 92106

Guest Speaker:

John W. Wallace, Professor, F. ACI, F. ASCE

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

University of California, Los Angeles CA 90095-1593

John Wallace, Ph.D., C.E, F. ACI, F. ASCE, professor of civil engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), is an internationally recognized expert on the seismic behavior of reinforced concrete structures. His research contributions focus on assessing the behavior of structures subjected to earthquake loading, laboratory and field testing of structural components and systems, developing and validating models for structural analysis and design, and applying sensors and sensor networks to measure structural responses and interactions. Professor Wallace is active as a consultant and peer reviewer on high-profile performance-based design projects for seismic retrofit of existing buildings and seismic design of tall buildings. He has actively participated in updates to ASCE 41 and ACI 318, as well as the PEER TBI and LATBSDC Guidelines. Dr. Wallace received a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Vermont and MS and PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Abstract: A host of code changes were approved for adoption in Chapter 18 – Earthquake Resistant Structures of ACI 318-19. The most significant changes focus on improving the performance of special structural walls subjected to  strong shaking, including: (1) amplifying ASCE 7 wall shear demands, (2) adjusting locations where longitudinal reinforcement may be terminated over the wall height, (3) revising boundary element and web transverse reinforcement within the plastic hinge region to require overlapping hoops and web crossties, (4) requiring a minimum area of boundary longitudinal reinforcement, (5) placing restrictions on splices of boundary longitudinal reinforcement at the critical section, (6) checking that the expected wall deformation capacity exceeds the expected wall drift demand, and (7) introducing a definition of a new system, referred to as a Ductile Coupled Wall and proposing values for R, Cd, and Ω0 for adoption in ASCE 7. Other significant changes include allowing the use of high-strength reinforcement, with limitations, to resist flexural, axial, and shear demands in special seismic systems and introducing new requirements for the seismic design of diaphragms constructed using both topped and untopped precast concrete members. Finally, requirements were relaxed for the roof-level column-to-beam strength ratio and for detailing of gravity columns. The presentation will provide a summary of these changes and a brief information on the associated technical background.

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