SEAOSD January 15, 2019 Member Luncheon "SEAOSD January 15, 2019 Member Luncheon " Epoxy Anchors Dos and Don'ts"

January 15, 2019
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
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Stone Brewery Point Loma
2816 Historic Decatur Rd. #116
San Diego, CA 92106

Title:  "Epoxy Anchors Dos and Don'ts"


Bernard has been with Hilti for over 15 years and served as Hilti North America’s Product Manager of Chemical Anchors during the industry’s transition to ICC-ES AC308.  During this critical time, many changes were occurring as this transition period also coincided with the Boston Big Dig Tunnel Collapse.  Being responsible for the launch of RE 500-SD at this juncture and working as a lead in the development of HY200 has provided a vast experience in the practical use, development and testing of chemical anchors.  In this session, Bernard will talk about the general types of chemical anchor products in the market as well as the history of chemical anchors, how they came to be and the standards the industry has used to evaluate them since their inception.  This discussion will include some lessons to help engineers ensure they are specifying the right type of products for given applications and some tips on specification practices to ensure their designs function as intended in the field.  We will also discuss some past experiences where things did not go as planned and how to avoid common issues in the future.  This will be a fun and interactive session aiming to help Structural Engineers more knowledgeable and confident in their use of chemical anchor systems. 


Bernard Cruz

Manager - Codes and Approvals, Hilti Inc

Bernard is currently the Manager of Codes and Approvals for Hilti on the West Coast.  He has been with Hilti for over 15 years where he has worked as a Field Engineer, Project Manager, Technical Services Manager and Product Manager for Anchors.  Throughout his Hilti tenure, Bernard has spent many days on jobsites alongside Engineers trying to find solutions to many challenging and often unexpected problems in addition to product development and research.  As a Product Manager, Bernard was responsible for the launch of RE 500-SD in the US and played a lead role in the development of the  HY 200 and Safe Set solutions.  Within Hilti, Bernard is well known throughout the company as a subject matter expert in the field of Concrete/Masonry Anchorage.  Bernard's involvement with SEAOSC began prior to Hilti when he was a Structural Engineer with the Fluor Corporation.  As a SEAOSC Member, Bernard has been a co-chair of the Younger Member's Forum, Seismology Committee voting member and currently serves as the Chair of the Education Committee.  


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