SEAOSD January 16, 2018 Member Luncheon

January 16, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
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Stone Brewery Point Loma
2816 Historic Decatur Rd. #116
San Diego, CA 92106

Title: Apple Park Precast – Integrated Architecture, Structure, and Mechanical Services in a Long Span Floor System


The centerpiece of the new Apple Park Campus - the iconic circular office building designed by Foster and Partners and Arup Engineers will be home to 12,000 Apple employees when completed later this year.  While famous for its curved glass façade and glass canopy sun blades leading to the “space ship” nickname, the building is thought to be the largest precast concrete framed office building ever built.  The signature interior design feature of the building is the precast void slab floor and ceiling system.  This system innovatively integrates long-span prestressed concrete elements with exposed honed architectural surfaces, liquid radiant cooling systems, and forced return air plenums, as well as pre-plumbed fire sprinkler lines.  This system is a key contributor to sustainable design while also providing a stiff and resilient floor system capable of resisting vertical accelerations in excess of 1g, providing a performance based design level of minimal damage in a 2,500-year seismic event.  This presentation will highlight the evolution of the system – originating with the desire for simple architectural precast soffits – and culminating into a final solution resulting in a highly prefabricated, long-span floor system, with integrated services.





Glen A. Underwood, SE, is the Chief Structural Engineer for Clark Pacific, in West Sacramento, CA, where he has specialized in the design of precast concrete structures and architectural precast cladding systems for the last 20 years.   He served as the Specialty SE for the design of the circular office building for the Apple Park project – designing the precast gravity system for the building.  He has also participated in academic research of seismic performance of precast systems and has co-authored the UCSD published Design guide for Seismic Drift Compatibility of Precast Cladding Systems.  In addition to SEAOC, he is also a member of ACI, AISC, and PCI organizations.

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